Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Good to see old friends who are not frequently in touch with..

Two days holiday straight.. I'm loving it of course.. But tomorrow is back to work.. How do I motivate myself to work? Sighs

Had sungkai dinner earlier at buffelo... Not my liking.. I only like their pasta, salad and mango fish tonight.. 

After that with Ling Zhi and the rest went for a walk to mall.. and I bump into my secondary ex classmate Zawanah.. Been years since I last saw her, still looking pretty and she slim down a lot.. Had small chat and bid goodbye..

At the very exact same place last Friday-
Centrepoint hotel lobby.. I bumped into Joseph bong too.. He is still working as a tour guide.. He suddenly caught my attention by tapping my shoulder.. Turn around and I was surprise to see him haha.. Prolly two years I have not met him.. A friend I knew since my part time days in form 4.. Then coincidentally went to the same college, but he is a year younger junior.. He never fail to make laugh and tease me for being blur.. good old godbrother no.2..

Inside the mall saw good old godbrother no.1 from afar so just wave as greeting.. Ah Choon and his wife to be.. He is getting married this coming November.. He invited me but I'm not too sure if I can attend.. Let's see how~~

p.s, only during part time days I had godbrother.. only 2 of them..

The country enforce a new law that dinning during day time at restaurant are not allowed for the whole month of ramandan period (puasa month).. Hottest issue for this month.. I'm hoping that they will reconsider restructure for non Muslim connivence.. Anyway, new bubble tea in town again.. T4.. Tried their pearl milk tea.. Quite nice.. I still like Ochado better.. 

Omg too sleepy.. Abit worry that I can't wake up on time tomorrow morning.. night!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

15th July 2014

HM's 68th birthday today.. The country where I grew up at.. Anyway It's public holiday today so it's a rest day.. loving it..

Spent my day finishing the current drama which I'm watching.. Panda and Hedgehog.. Hmmm which drama to watch next? 

Wanted to go out for tea but I didn't know who to look for.. and so went to had some cheese instead.. Night..

Loving you - Super Junior KRY, Panda and Hedgehog OST

Don't Go - Lee Donghae, Panda and Hedgehog OST

Monday, July 14, 2014

Congrats Germany!

And so... Germany won the 2014 World Cup!


Its Lee Kwang Soo birthday today! My favorite person from Running Man and giraffe.. totally my type- funny, tall and nice! haha.. Happy Birthday Kwang Soo!

Kwang Soo commercial - SK Tarara in 2013


Just came out from the Empire cinema, first time here after their renovation.. Our seats was row A but Infront of me sat a tall guy and he partically block most of my view.. Lol

Watched Dawn of the planet of Apes.. Nice movie.. Human and connection with Apes.. Suppose Apes living alright but ended up fight and war because of an apes hateness feeling and wanting to revenge.. 

Revenge is a scary feeling and mindset.. Remember to forgive and choose to be at peace.. It's hard but defitnetly takes time.. Revenge won't make life happier.. Forgive and letting go will.. Cheers

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cheese and Sushi

Last night went over to pyong and kwang's house to eat birthday cake. Pyong's birthday... Ade currently holidaying in the US, SY holidaying in the UK, Pying holidaying at HK so that's why only me, Pyong, Chien and Fab in the picture below.. Lol.. 

Anyway, We tried some cheese.. They bought it from their last trip.. Not bad.. I'm a cheese person! Lol.. 

World Cup match earlier at 4am.. Brazil vs Netherlands.. Brazil 4th place.. Netherlands 3rd place.. 

Ended up chatting until very early in the morning... I reached home and slept at 6am... Thank god that it's Sunday today!

And so I woke up around noon today lol.. So thankful for tonight sungkai meal at Misato mahbohai branch and Starbucks drink.. Chien's colleague treat and she ask me to join them.. I'm a happy girl.. 

I know Chien's colleagues also for about 3 years, few I known are not in Brunei already.. Their project is ending and slowly each of them will be leaving Brunei.. Eventhough I only met them during few occasion, to me.. they are funny and nice people.. Like family to Chien :)

Later World Cup final match at 3am.. Germany vs Argentina! Germany! hehe..

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Should have trim it at 1 or 2 inch!

Loving this drink. Tipco's Mixed Vegetable & Mixed Fruit Juice BEETROOT formula :D

Decided to head to the salon for hair trim after work.. Ended more like a cut.. The stylish asked if I want to chop off 2 inch? I see here, see there and told her 3 inch instead.. Omg kinda regret coz it's abit too short for my liking and I'm looking funny without beauty filter apps.. haha.. I don't like their blow style too.. Oh well, I can't do anything now.. Just comfort myself that hair will still grow long!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Random stuff I want to share..

Had a good long talk tonight at Coffeebean.. I believe we manage to express some thought across.. Friends who can turn into family are hard to find.. Cherish and appreciate them..

To some.. The person you love the most, won't be your life partner.. But feelings and acceptance can be build.. Its always best to have a partner to accompany you for the rest of your life journey..

I like and am comfortable being silent in a group of people.. Could be the shyness or lack of confident or doesn't bother or I just like being a listener.. But I like communicating with my other half and I would want him to be my listener.. Friends who know me for quite some time, find it surprising that I'm actually talkative when in small group or being alone with me..

Other than the reason being born in the year of a cow, I believe I inherit bad temper and stubbornness from my dad.. Shyness and thinks too much from my mom.. hmmm who did I inherit slowness from....... hehe

I love music.. Especially lyrics which I find it meaningful or its melody..

Its a wonderful thing to be able to tell someone that you miss and love them freely.. Without thinking much or boundaries from stopping you.. Do says as much as you can and while you can..

I used to love reading novels.. Still love actually but less.. Unless Harry Potter have new stories.. I have been putting Fifty Shades - Part 3 on hold since last year.. Let me see.. Stuck at Chapter 18...

Watching drama series is my all time love now.. Finished Faith, Master's sun, City Hunter, Queen In Hyun's Man, Emergency couple, Let's eat, Miss Korea, Shut up flower boy band, I need romance 1, 2 & 3, School 2013.. Currently Panda and Hedgehog.. 

I used to blog frequently.. Almost everyday.. I slowed down or stopped since my last relationship.. I kinda shut myself out.. I'm waiting to be save again..

Sky diving at Australia or New Zealand, hot air balloon ride at New Zealand or Turkey, sky walk at Macau are in my to do list..

Maybe I should be a photographer since I like taking pictures.. But I don't like being all sweaty being outdoor.. lol

If I don't get fat easily I will eat eat eat and eat without worrying..

I missed out few buses through the years.. I'm not too sure if I've made the right decision for all.. But some I do see and am glad that I made the right decision.. But of course some do got me thinking what or where I will be at if I took the driver's hand.. 

I love dog and ever thought of having dog as pet before.. But actually I'm scare of dog.. Especially active one or when they bark a lot.. I don't like cleaning and grooming lol..

Back in primary school.. Learning the piano or violin was something I want..

Only few months back I remembered I use to volunteer as a librarian in primary school.. After Linda mentioned about liking being a librarian back in school..

Being able to travel to experience and seeing different places, lifestyle and culture is really awesome.. Must travel!

At the same time, wishing I can afford my own property while having enough cash for traveling and luxuries stuff..

I'm kinda still in search for the job I like.. Honestly, I do not really know the direction I should head to.. 5 days work please!!

Don't know how to swim well but I love being in the pool or go swimming.. Wen Chien insist that I actually know how to swim but Nooooo.. haha.. I don't know how to float too! I panic easily so sometime water may get into my nose, totally dislike the pain..

Wondering when the other half will appear.. 

Celebrating birthday is something I'm not looking forward too anymore.. Great if I can be away on holiday during the birthday week.. But anyhow, to be able to celebrate with family and close friends is thankful enough..

Family is becoming more important than ever.. 

I'm very grateful for all that I have in life.. Thankful to god..

Friday, July 04, 2014

2ø14 少了一個你

Had a dream about CH, one of a good person I came to known off, one of the buses I missed.. Then earlier I suddenly realize that I actually forgot to greet happy birthday when I message CH the other day.. Bet CH was excepting for my greeting because I suddenly message on the actual day.. blur head me.. Luckily not too late for belated greeting :)

io樂團-2ø14 少了一個你