Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I'm so sleepy.. and feeling lazy.. So I didn't do much on my work today.. *sighz* really don't feel like working.. and seem like there is something uncomfortable thing gonna happen.. Because I feel kinda bad mood.. Geeze.. what's happening to me? =x

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Me lazy with exercise

I wanna swim like you kitty cat.. *miaow*

Well well, I went swimming with Clemence, Lee Ang and his brother.. And I have finally realise the actual way of breathing during swimming.. (Plz I'm still a beginner ok.. hehe..)Thanks to Clemence.. I'm so happy that I finally did improve and I'm not afraid to held my head onto the surface of the water while swimming.. Hehe.. By problem was actually that I was afraid to bring my head up the water.. I have found a great teacher who knows my problem without me explaining.. I guess that's what best friend are for.. hehe..

Clemence ask me to go hiking tomorrow.. what the heck.. nO No NO.. I cannot do hiking.. hehe.. I couldn't breath and walk during hiking.. hehe.. due to the result of no exercise being done.. hehe.. I'm so lazy at doing exercise.. Hehe.. I know, must change this habit as exercise is good for health.. I will try my best to exercise more.. hiak hiak.. Will tryyyyyyyyy.... =p

Friday, November 17, 2006

My mood feels like rainy days

I'm in a sad mood.. I didn't slept well last night.. After I reached home from work I automatically switch on my computer.. I slept around 3am.. Luckily, I have my mum to wake me up.. I did switch on my alarm just that it doesn't work when I'm too lazy to get my butt out of my comfy bed..

I guess I'm being stress out by work again.. No matter how much I eat, I'm still hungry.. No matter how long I sleep, I'm still sleepy.. No matter how long I spend my time with Dodo, I'm still not satisfy.. I think I really need a holiday.. I need it very badly..

My baby car when for it's first time servicing yesterday.. and It's my first time there too.. Hehe.. First and second time service are free, except I got to pay for the oil filter charges only.. Lee was very helpful to pick me up from NBT Toyota.. and My dearest Clemence send me there to pick up my baby car.. So thankful to them.. hehe.. but then don't expect to buy lunch to repay haha.. I'm so broke now..

My friend told me about how her boyfriend neglect her when she wanted to lend on his shoulder after a long tired day.. I was thinking what that is actually thinking? Pushing his girlfriend away when all she wanted is to lend on him? to hug him? Doesn't he know girls feel hurt too? It's just like when guys ask for sex and get rejected my their girlfriend.. walau.. I was so pissed of by the guy attitude when my friend share her thoughts with me.. But then come to think again.. Could the problem comes from the guy? I guess he might in the past had some thingy happen.. If not couldn't then why he will push his girlfriend away from him? Well, he is not gay.. as I know him well too.. hehe.. So I just can't understand why is he this way? If it happens his girlfriend is me,I wouldn't stand it any longer.. hehe.. Luckily I always get to hold my boo's hands and lend on their shoulder.. ^^

Opos.. it's almost 7pm.. and I got to go home.. and rush back to this bloody office again.. =(

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Clean house waiting for me to visit.. =p

Busy busy busy.. Being busy make me stress.. Well, eventhough I don't have soooo much work on hand, I still feel stress due to bcoz I'm still sitting in the office and face those people I dislike to see..

Since last week we have been working until 12am.. Gonna be like this until 21/11/06.. I'm so use to it liao.. My frenz pity me but I don't feel pity at all.. Unless I'm feeling lonely.. hehe..

I'm glad to know that my God brother and Sister has move out form their dirty house and have moved in a nice clean house with Nicole.. Ahhh.. Now I will feel great staying overnight at their place when I'm in Miri to visit them.. hehe.. Well, I better stop here.. Have to start work now.. hehe..

Friday, November 10, 2006

One of the reason of me being stress

Today one of our company staff, who is from my department has been terminate.. He is Caesar.. Caesar took the company's property outside and sell it to other people.. He is Boss relatives.. Boss treat him well.. I just don't understand what makes him do such thing.. Which will destroy his future.. Don't he pity his dad? If it wasn't for his dad being a royal employee to the company boss sure have thrown Caesar to jail.. And know you know where he will be working? Our enemy-his relative too-boss's brother company.. People say he betray company to get fast money.. But he told boss that our enemy taught him to do so.. What the heck was he thinking?? And guess what? I'm the one who have evidence of him stealing.. *sigh* I'm not sure whether he knows I'm the one who took those photos of him.. Actually it's becoz my supervisor found out what Caesar have been doing and ask me to watch over him.. That's how I ended up helping the company.. This case taught me even your relatives will betray you..

Seem like our department is quite unlucky.. So many unhappy things seem to be happening to us.. Now left me incharge of the stickers and another Indon guy incharge of the printing.. I'm so tired.. One of the reason why I'm so stress out about.. I want holiday~

Monday, November 06, 2006

very moody

I have lost my way.. I feel so moodless.. I feel tired.. I feel sad.. I just wanna break down and cry.. Why am I feeling this way? May God kep me safe.. I'm scare.. *sobs* =(