Friday, February 24, 2012

2AM- Jo Kwon and Ga In

I have always like listening to 2AM, Korean guy group... They're not really good looking.. But their songs are great.. They sing ballads.. And ever since I start catching We Got Married with Jo Kwon of 2AM in it, I'm liking Jo Kwon and 2AM more.. This few days I have been repeating their albums in the office.. Even though I don't understand what they are singing about but I don't feel bored listening to it.. hehe

Aahh this AA airline mess up my travel plan to Taiwan next month.. I have to take additional leaves and re-book my traveling dates.. Some delays but luckily we are done deciding on the change of dates.. Anyway, back to happy post- sharing some photos of Jo Kwon and Ga In.. hehe..

You wouldn't answer my call- 2AM

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