Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Love do change each of us

Bought 2 new novels at Penang, not sure when I will read it. I have few books on pending.. Book 3 of Fifty Shades (Fifty shades of Freed) is waiting for me to finish.. So I told myself that I must complete the book 3 when I return home from the Penang trip, I have put it on hold for so long. Finally, I can say I completed the books.. lol

The ending: Happily ever after..  I'm glad to know that Christian Grey fell love at first sight for Anastasia Steele.. I cried at a few part for book 3.. CG is possessive and protector but indeed he loves AS so much.. I pity his childhood to his teenage past and he after becoming a dad himself, he finally realize the relationship between him and Mrs Robinson and the past women was wrong.. so wrong.. but its great that he, a cold man changed into a warm and loving person after meeting AS..

It's label as an erotic novel, but it's also a romance novel, the love story between CG and AS. It's a story telling that love can change a person to better, love change his thinking and to understand the love for the woman he love so much..

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