Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday night with music

Finished watching Running Man episode 159 and found a goodddddd song from this episode.. I super like! Jung In's voice is good..

Jung In - 철수와 미미 (Feat. 길, Supreme Team)

Then during the search of the above song, found below songs by Jung In quite nice too.. can't wait to watch the next episode.. :D

정인 Jung In '장마 Rainy Season'

Jung In - Love..that guy, 정인 - 사랑 그놈


정인 Jung In '사랑은 Love Is

feat Gary Kang!!

English lyrics for 'Let's walk a little' feat Kang Gary~~

Let’s take a walk since our hearts are feeling complicated
I think sitting as we’re facing each other is making us more exhausted
What should we do? Should we break up?
Starting all over again seems a little scary
Let’s have a drink since our heads are so complicated
We keep going around in circles and I can’t take it anymore
But the rising alcohol makes me even more confused
(We sit across each other) as we look at each other and like fools, we laugh
Separation is not easy just like being in love
We drunkenly paid the bill and left but
We still didn’t come to a decision and our love is lingering around us

All the beautiful things in the world didn’t even come close to you
The fragrant flowers, the soft tuning of music, expensive gifts
I liked everything if it was you, I threw everything away
Everything but you but these days, that love is dwindling
Several times a day, the words “let’s just end it here” are on the tip of my tongue
You don’t look as sexy to me as before
I keep thinking bad thoughts and I don’t think I want you anymore
It’s different from before, I think it’s over now, I think you and I are over now

I don’t really know what to do
It seems like the end is near but it can’t easily be concluded
Maybe it’s because of our lingering attachments but the answer just won’t come
So we think, think, think and think, think, think again
We think again

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