Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Captain Tong

Captain Tong.. Samuel Tong.. 

Finished watching Triumph In The Skies 2 few days ago.. Jayden is cool with his sweet attitude but I prefer Sam's mature and humor attitude.. So I'm Captain Tong's fan!! hehe.. 

Sam is very strict to Holiday until the stage I want to kick him lol.. but yet that's his way of making Holiday being serious at being a Pilot.. He is still caring and sweet when it's not about work.. awww~ their relationship grow, support and changed for each other.. 

Another couple I like is Summer and Isaac! Sweet shy relationship..

Good storyline.. I have not watch Triumph In The Skies 1, I heard its good too.. I'll find time to watch Part 1 then.. Anyway, love Holiday's dress from the picture below :)

林欣彤 Mag Lam - 空中戀人

 *photos are all taken from google search

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