Monday, June 09, 2014

Cambodia and KL trip - 24th May to 1st June 2014

I went to Siem Reap, Cambodia instead of Vietnam for holiday.. Due to the chaos cause at the factories attacking the Chinese at Hanoi, we decided to cancel flying to Vietnam.. Few air tickets burn ofcourse.. But actually to me its still alright to travel but since Wen Chien's family advice better not to go, so I agreed to their advice too for both our safety.. So how did we ended up to Cambodia, its because Connie and her friends are heading there.. and Connie took pity of me.. haha.. She asked if me and WC want to join her.. We accept her kindness and offer! We flew from Miri to KL to Siem Reap..

How's Siem Reap, Cambodia? HOT.. Extremely HOT weather they have there.. The locals explain because it was the dry season.. As long as we stepped out from the hotel, we are sweating like running water.. and I turn tan..

Anyway, our visit to Angkor Wat was good.. The place really have beautiful structure and seeing how it last for centuries really amaze us.. Only one shopping mall there but sell nothing interesting.. Just buy from their old and night markets is more than enough.. I didn't buy much too.. bought souvenirs, a button shirt for my dad, tshirt for the boys, home wear dress and knee length pants for my mum.. more for myself haha - two pcs knee length pants, two over the knee length dress, two pcs long pants, a scarf, two pcs blouse and I don't remember anymore.. lol

One of the highlight from the trip is my first experience at shooting range.. real guns! We didn't know where to go during our first day there.. WC and I flew in a day earlier than Connie so while waiting for them we plan our own visit first.. Shooting range wasn't in our plan, WC randomly search online on 'what to do' and we found out about shooting range.. Asked the tuk tuk few questions to be sure then off we go.. There is shooting range available at Vietnam too which we were already planning to try there but since we couldn't be at Vietnam so we didn't hesitate to try at Siem Reap..  

The tuk tuk ride took us about 20-30mins one way to the place.. Its kinda locate at the outskirt of Siem Reap.. Thinking back, WC and I were kinda brave as the place is sort of like military army camp.. When we arrived there, all mens.. I think I saw a lady only.. Paid USD50 per gun type for I forgot how many bullets.. was it 25 or 50 or 100? haha.. We tried M16 and AK47, not much guns available for shoot because they don't have bullet stock.. The guns are heavy.. Scary, exciting yet fun.. Freaking loud when we pulled the trigger.. I'm just glad its over and I had a good experience.. haha

Before flying to Cambodia, WC and I stayed over at KL for two night and while when we return back to KL, we stay another night.. Quite a good trip to KL this time, ate lots of food.. managed to visit I-City and Melaka too.. happy! Thankful to Micheal and Toh bringing us around, Michelle for fetching us at airport, ah Kuan for driving me to Cafe Bene and meeting the boys..


Loving this new song by Kang Gary.. 3rd spot.. if not mistaken on Korea Music Chart..
I even posted in on my FB page and tagged Shirley.. She is a fan of Leessang's song and Running Man so she know Kang Gary.. hehe

Your Scent by Kang Gary and Jung In

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