Monday, May 12, 2014

TaecGui Couple & HongMina Couple

2 weeks to go for my holiday.. almost done with tours and booking all stuffs.. Halong Cruise Tourist ( not a bad website, I just check through this website after complete own booking at another website.. Huong Hai Sealife Cruise looks nice, maybe for next time then.. :)

I finished watching WGM Global Edition Season 1 last night after dinner at Little Hotpot for Mother's Day celebration.. Why do celebrities want to get virtual married then break up after few months? oh my god, super sad wor.. Especially seeing couples with so much chemistry and took awhile to get close to each other then say bye bye..
WGM Global Edition is Korean male celebrities pairing with either Taiwanese or Japanese female celebrities and usually last 3months period per couple.. Season 1 is Lee HongKi from FT Island with Fujii Mina and Ok Taecyeon from 2pm with Gui Gui (Emma Wu)..

I know Lee HongKi from watching You're beautiful and Fujii Mina from watching King of Drama.. and Taecyeon because I know because of 2am and 2pm boy band.. :D

Hong chan face is already very cute looking, more to say when he smile or laugh even cuter.. and being pair up with Mina.. she is also cute! haha.. they are cute and sweet couple for me.. Mina knows how to speak Korean adnd Hong chan can speak Japanese so their communication is really good.. But not for Taec and Gui Gui.. Taec converse well in English but Gui Gui can't.. Her English is really bad, but good thing is Taec understand most of what Gui Gui is trying to say with her broken English and he is very patient.. good man, both of them took the effort to communicate with each other.. Gui Gui is very playful but its nice to see Taec serious face smiling so broadly when he is with her..

The last episode seeing Mina and Gui Gui keep crying and make me cry hard too.. aigoooo.. hope they keep in touch well and maybe really try furthering their relationship after the program..
Season 1 was last year, this year Season 2 is currently airing and I'm watching it too.. and I like Key from Shinee with Arisa Yagi rather than Kim Heechul from Super Junior with Xue Fu (Puff Guo).. Especially the part where they both have the same reaction 'hmmmm' when they eat good food.. Key takes care of Arisa well, they are very cute and funny together :)
Song: I love you forever by Taecyeon and Gui Gui

Song: Paradise by Yang Song E from Season 2 - Key and Arisa

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