Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Taekie! Reply 1988~

Done watching Reply 1988.. Taek aka Park Bo Gum~~ I'm in love Park Bo Gum! new love but of course still loving Lee Kwang Soo and Lee Min Ho.. haha

I love Park Bo Gum's smile.. mad love! He look cute yet manly at some angle.. He already caught my attention from the drama Hello Monster.. and caught my heart this time..

hmm.. he is only 22 yrs old this year.. T.T so young..

Below many many video for my collection.. haha.. hope won't disappear..

I feel that Reply 1988 story line are about family love and bonding.. I cried at quite alot of family scene.. And I'm quite a fan of Kim Jung Bong's character, so funny!

Then the scene where Ryu Dong Ryong advice Sung Deok Sun 'Instead of other people liking you, who is is that you like?' I pause to think too.. good question..

There's actually 3 series: Reply 1997, Reply 1994 and Reply 1988. I will be watching Reply 1994 next since I have completed Reply 1997 and Reply 1988.. hehe

Taek - Park Bo Gum in Reply 1988

Reply 1988 ost

Reply 1988 ost - A Little Girl 소녀 by Oh Hyuk 오혁

Reply 1988, Episode of Deokseon picture with Jung Hwan and Taek.. I Love Taek's SMILE!

Reply 1988 Episode 9, when Deokseon take good care of Taek during the Beijing competition trip

Episode 10, Taek like Deokseon not as a friend but a woman

Episode 11, When Taek likes someone

Episode 14, Taek why do you like Dukseon?

Episode 17, Taek carried Deoksun while sprint

Episode 18, Jung Hwan's hesitation causes his timing and fate

Episode 18, Jung Hwan's confession, Goodbye to his first love

Episode 19, Adult Deoksun and Taek reply first kiss 1989 or 1994

Episode 19, Taek and Deoksun first kiss and second kiss confirmation

Episode 19, Taek and Deoksun warm small date.. LOVE

Episode 20, Taek and Deoksun movie date

Episode 20, BACK HUG! LOVE

Episode 20, Happy Taek and Deoksun as a couple

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