Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My Best Buddy

This post is for Clemence Chan Fang Teng.. Happy Birthday Women..!! Receive anything from me? Hehe..

You focus well with your studies there ok.. Come back with big plans and earn big money ok.. When come back must buy more gift for me le.. Always buy for Ting Ting only.. Bad you.. wth.. Wish you find your right happiness and success in your future planning.. Must remember to take care well of yourself there.. Think positive.. You are among the best..

This women, have problem to talk to find me.. When party find Ting Ting.. I jealous oh.. wth.. haha.. Cant wait to see you soon.. Miss and Love you alot Girl.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY..!! *muaks muaks & hugs hugs*

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Cl3m3nCe said...

Thanks to either your gift or support ya and you dont really have to post my name so big gua haha now all the world will know my full name omg that's all your fault haha jk.. and btw i don't really remember i have that much of pic with you hehe miss you so much too next time i'll make sure if ting got a present you'll have one too ya and party never left out you too satisfied? haha miss and love you much too thanks for your support once again if you are a man i'll sure fall for you hehe