Monday, September 22, 2008

4 movies

Today I spend the day catching up with old movies.. Well, not that old just out-dated movie which I always wanted to watch but have no chance at watching.. Guess what.. I finished 4 movies in a day..!! My Sunday just like that.. *sighs* But I'm not statisfy.. =) I wanted to coninue to watch more but I can't because my eyes hurt so badly now.. My vision now turns badly blur..

I love the slow dance part in First Daugther.. Over her dead body was hillarious.. All movies were great except for The Prince and Me 2, very normal story and I like the 1st one way better.. so now I need to get my eyes to rest.. So I won't blog much as I have nothing to blog about too.. I still have lots of things on my mind but I figure to solve it slowly..

* * * * *

Angel and I went to KTM and met Steven and Jason last night.. Both still well and good.. Busy with business and all.. Ahhhhh, Angel and I were wondering when we can be a boss of our own too.. but then those two brothers we lucky because their dad handle everything build up well to them.. *sighs* Life is not always the same.. =)

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Rueburn said...

wah~~sunday leh~~why stay at home??