Sunday, September 28, 2008

If I can return to college

I want to back to books.. to college.. to Uni.. to exam.. to projects.. to events.. to waking up late.. to parties.. *mood swing*

Can you believe.. I'm starting to hmmm.. can I say it here? what if my boss read this? Pls boss if ever one day you read this I'm just releasing my hmmmm pressure? wth..

Anyway.. I'm kinda bored with my job already.. REALLY...!! My work is good just.. No idea la.. I'm out of words.. nuff said.. *mood swing*

lalalalalalala......... Alot of people are getting married this month.. Attending such event may influence some of us ladies to tie the knot too.. BUT guess what attracts me the most.. The Beautiful Wedding pictures.. I'm drooling over those great looking pictures.. Okok.. I have decide IF it's my wedding I want to take wedding pictures at two studios.. yea.. one studio is not enough for me.. =p

*sighs* hear me now talk about wedding when I haven't even meet my soul mate.. Oh.. Soul mate.. come out come out where ever you are.. *mood swing*

Oh well, little me having mood swing today.. Which is totally not healthy for me.. I'm going out with Winnie to hunt for icy food to eat now.. and abit of money spending.. Goodbye peeps.. =D


sheautze said...

happy weekend gal...
today... spend my time at home...
no special program...
our life will continue with
work work work and work... i missed the college life also...
hope we all can have fun during gathering and take many many nice pics!!
wedding pic...nm..mus find me if u wan go take wedding pic... HAHA!

SilentB said...

hey! long time no visit hehe.. make a wish for tat during ya b'day la, coming soon rite ;) sure u wil meet your soul mate soon :D take care~