Friday, December 13, 2013


Because of thunderstorm heavy rain earlier, I got stuck at the office alone and almost freak out.. thunder lasted so long and loud until I put on my mp3 and blast the music.. and so I ended up skipping yoga.. huhuhu..

I didn't slept well for the past two nights, manage to slept early and well last night.. Even had a good dream about being with someone, to that person I'm just a comfortable good long old friend from school.. haha

Sharing a song by Kang Gary~~

Anyway, just received a great news! my babe, Joan gave birth to a healthy baby girl today! hehe.. ahhh.. another friend experiencing motherhood.. Allen and Hui Fen are becoming parents too next year.. Last week I attended Blu's baby girl, Beryl full moon lunch at Seasons Restaurant.. so who is going to get pregnant next? haha.. maybe Angel? Pei Yong? I'll just wait to attend full moon function then.. =) 

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