Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Today's date- 11.12.13.. quite special~~

Didn't feel like going home yet earlier after work just now, so decided to had pedicure and went to Times Square for a cup of Ochado's roasted milk tea with aloe vera - my favorite to cheer myself up..

Sat alone drinking the Large size drink for quite a long while.. The longer I sat there, I had the feeling that people find me weird sitting alone.. haha.. not too sure if I think too much.. Actually, I was hoping a cute looking guy will come over to say hi.. hahaha.. Joking! Even if happen for real, I'm just too shy to look at him ;)

2 weeks to Christmas, Secret Santa event is on Christmas eve and since I'm there, I went around looking for suitable gift.. found stuff suitable for myself instead.. haha.. How I wish Brunei is full of Christmas decoration like Singapore or Korea or anywhere celebrating Christmas.. I love Christmas season!

Classic by Taecyeon, Wooyoung and Suzy.. Our classic love, Just like the classic music we keep listening to, it doesn't change even when the time passes..

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