Tuesday, December 24, 2013


7.00pm.. I left the bookstore at the Mall.. don't feel like going home yet.. but I have no place in mind to go too.. I wanted to just sit in a cozy cafe alone, but I can't think any suitable cafe here.. and I thought of the cafes I visited at Korea during my trip there last October.. goshhh.. I'm wishing to be there, I miss Korea so so so much!
Wandering or siting at restaurant alone here seems awkward.. Eyes tend to be on me.. I don't like it.. I know I shouldn't mind.. but I can't, I mind because I don't feel comfortable ;(

At overseas I see alot of ladies being alone at places especially cafes without people eying with weird look.. At times I wish I'm living at other countries.. Sometime I still thought of it but I couldn't bring myself to leave home where my parents are.. the older they become the more I want to stay where they are, since both the twins are still studying overseas.. I'm hoping they graduate well, start work and settle at a place they are comfortable in living soon!

I'm good with going to public places alone but not always of course, who like it right? haha.. Especially when attending functions.. I'm wishing for that person who holds my hands appear fast.. fast fast! haha

Actually I  left office early today to retrieve my baby car from the car workshop where I dropped off this morning for some repair.. changed some new parts.. glad that my baby car is well now.. my wallet hurts but all good for safety purpose!:)

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