Sunday, April 27, 2014

Architecture 101 - First Love Story

Architecture 101.. A movie which will make you think of your first love.. I thought about my first love and also the other relationships I experienced until the present last one.. All were sad ending, even though sad ending but there were good memories left behind too, which we will smile when remembered.. I wish my next relationship, I will experience great happy love experience.. A relationship which will go on until I turn old, until the end of my life.. I'm looking forward to experience it..
Architecture 101.. Two students who meet in an introductory architecture class and fall in love.. A young boy who didn't confess to his first love and gave up, who didn't dare to seek the truth and left with things unsaid.. A young girl who left her first love after being told to, without questioning further, who gave her first love another chance but he didn't turn up to meet her during when the first snow falls..

15 years later, the girl Seo Yeon tracks down her first love to seek help to rebuild her house at Jeju Island, she wants to know how was her first love was doing.. The boy Seung Min who couldn't recognize his first love at first was surprise to see her again.. At first he didn't want to accept the job because he couldn't face her.. but his boss agreed to accept the job and hence he took it.. While working together to rebuild the house, both their memories and feelings returns.. He slowly remembers the dream house that she wanted.. and so a beautiful dream house was complete for her.. It was really a beautiful house.. The movie story really touch my heart.. Seung Min choose a new life to get married and move to the states.. Even though they didn't end up being together but both cherish each other as their first love in their hearts..

As I type this post, tears just falls.. and now it even rain suddenly.. wow, I'm amaze by the timing and feelings I'm encountering now.. maybe it's because as I type, I'm listening to the song 'Etude of Memories by Kim Dong Ryul' from the movie.. And so here I end with photos of the beautiful house I search from the internet.. It's a beautiful first love story, the movie Architecture 101.. worth to watch.. I'm sure everyone will have different feelings and review of it.. :)

 The house have turn into 'Cafe de Seoyeun'.. I will visit this cafe for my next trip to Jeju Island.. :)

Trailer of Architecture 101

Etude of Memories - Kim Dong Ryul

Waiting - Instrument melody

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