Thursday, April 23, 2015

Each Day Is A Miracle

Completed watching the drama Hyde, Jekyll and Me in 4 days, I didn't expect I watched that fast.. It was an interesting drama.. and I have always liked Hyun Bin ever since My Lovely Sam Soon and Secret Garden.. hehe

I was touched by a cold Gu Seo Jin's heart which slowly turn warm because of love.. I actually like his expression compare to Robin's.. what I like about Robin is his positive and happy attitude.. but Seo Jin's smile and eyes really shows so much sincere and affection for his love towards Jang Ha Na..

Having two personality, separate memory is kinda scary.. but seeing Seo Jin and Robin, makes me wonder.. if I would to create another me, it would be a brave and confident me..

My favorite moments of Seo Jin and Ha Na..

when he approach and gave her an umbrella.. 

when they sat in the swing of their indoor garden happily..

It's one of my wish to have a swing in the house.. hehe
Each day is a miracle! Believe it and it will be..

Park Bo Ram - Falling

Epitone Project feat Lucia - Maybe

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