Wednesday, April 08, 2015

It's been a while, catching up with Ting

Had dinner with Ting, Siew, Siew Yun and Ling Zhi tonight.. one of our topics were buying property: HOUSE.. haha.. I have the same delima as Ting, we don't know where our parents will settle down in the future, hence do not know which city to decide nor survey.. hehe..
and I missed SG! Ting mentioned about sales, Hope I can visit this year!
Tonight I hear 'Xue Hui', I really like hearing my Chinese name, kinda miss it alot actually.. but I can only hear it from a few CHMS Chinese old friends.. Friends who still called me by my Chinese name are Ting, Siew, Mei Ling, Kok How, Sibui, Connie, Fang Teng, Wei Ru and who else I can't remember..

未接來電 -  楊乃文 Naiwen Yang

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