Friday, April 10, 2015

Monkey pool game was a funny experience

I want to learn to ride the bicycle! I notice a few holiday places, you can rent bikes to go round easily.. I tried this at Nami Island at Korea but I rode a 2 person bike with Chien's help because I don't know how to ride a bike.. opppsss..

Then I saw Yuan's honeymoon photos today and saw that they cycle around too.. Ok and so it inspire me a little to learn to cycle, so I can ride a bike at some certain places during holiday.. haha.. but then should I get a bike first? oh o~~ lets see when then..

Last night went to swim and BBQ outing with Xiang and Jerry with their cousin and brother at their friend's new apartment.. Met Jackson there, the last time I saw him was at Isabella's first birthday event.. then also met an old friend Shirley who is getting married next week..
Quite nice the apartment but the master bedroom is too small for my liking.. lol.. It's a nice place for a small family.. I had fun! The host, Edbert is friendly and make shy people like me feel instant comfortable, thankful for it ;)    
Anyway, good songs for Karaoke session! but then I will need alot of practice to sing it well.. haha.. Quite emo huh, I think emo songs suits my voice.. hehe ;)

Selena Gomez - The heart wants what it wants

Sam Smith - I'm not the only one

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