Sunday, February 28, 2010


The moon is round and bright tonight..

Fireworks around my neighborhood..

Chinese people celebrating tonight the last day of CNY.. Happy Chap Goh Mei Everyone.. =)

Had dinner with my family just now.. too bad Patterson can't fly back to have dinner due to assignment..

Today I went to the airport twice to say goodbye..

Gary in the morning then Rueburn in the afternoon.. =/

Chinese New Year 2010 went well.. Filled with smiles, gathering and love..

Come to think of it.. OMG I just realised.. 5 guys came! broke my record of the usual 3.. To the guy who said 'Everybody see, Everybody like' please take note yo~ huhuuu.. sighs, choosing is not a good thing for me.. O_o

When none, it's really none! When have all come in once.. unpredictable sometime.. =S

say HELLO to my hello kitty name RUBY KITTY! hehe.. cute isn't it.. awwww =D


Simple❤Nice❤Me said...

hope u choose the right one Pat...

Patricia said...

@Tze: TQ dear! =)