Monday, February 01, 2010


Congrats to the newlywed~

Weekend went abit lazy.. I wonder if it's because I hang out with Jenn and Shirley.. LOL.. =P

Ever since this two women got married all I hear from them is "Pat!!! I'm sleepy, hungry, tired, boring, no gossip already"~~ Therefore I think I'm influnce by them.. When I wake up on Sunday Morning, I don't even feel like going out for breakfast.. The three of us walk abit around the shopping mall tend to feel tired and lazy, ends up sitting down at cafe and order food to eat..

On the way back to Shirley's house with Jenn being the driver.. Well, me and Shirley ends up sleeping in the car.. haha.. The only moment I feel energetic on Sunday, was the time when I saw Annie.. hehe..

Annie flew back to Miri from KL for the weekend to attend her friend's wedding dinner so we had a quick catch up over tea on Sunday..

Coincidence the wedding dinner which Annie went to was at the same hotel as me and others for Yi Qin(Nee Kam)'s wedding dinner - Grand Palace Hotel.. Where me and Jenn went to the wrong wedding reception to record our name and bump into Annie..

Tommy CCH.. according to his wife, Shirley.. this picture is cute.. repeat cute??? omg..

incomplete IBS7 ladies~

Chinese New Year decorations are up around Miri's roadside~
Chinese New Year is coming oh~ =)


Anonymous said...

eh eh.. wat does it have to do with me of u being lazy nehh??!! ur getting old bahh.. just admit it.. hahaha..

Patricia said...

noooo I'm young at heart.. haha.. I can still dance whole night with the right dancing peeps ofcoz! hehe..