Friday, February 12, 2010


TODAY.. suddenly the "gong xi gong xi" Chinese New Year mood hit me!! I'm kinda feeling excited for the Chinese new year.. 2days to go!!

I wake up abit early today to help abit with the decoration around the house, we don't like alot of decoration so just abit around the house, clean abit of my room, clear off my mountain of clothes, re-arrange abit of boxes especially my shoe box, change my bedsheet and get ready for new year eve tomorrow.. I have a habit, it's to buy new bedsheets for every Chinese new year.. =D

Seeing and knowing alot of friends are back for the CNY make me happy!! I met Kok How and Sibui last night, they both reached Brunei yesterday.. Also I can't wait to see Ting ting, Wendy, Darren, Kelly and more those back from Singapore and Malaysia!! yeaaaa~

I was listening to Wu Chun (Brunei's mega-super star) live on air just now and wow lots of overseas calls!! =)

Anyway, I'm feeling hungry already.. Off for lunch now~

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