Thursday, February 25, 2010


Random pictures from KL trip =)
SPAZIO KL- The salon me and Chienz went to had our hair cut.. Hairstylist: Max, quite good looking guy.. ^^
Waiting for our turn..wait for almost an hour and yet we made appointment already.. =_=
Had this at KL Times Square while waiting for Chienz friend - Janet and Dexter
Roasted duck for lunch nearby ah Kuan's hosue - restaurant called Sunrise
Very good kueh teow with egg!! I miss it!! dinner treat by Dexter..
Had 'Tong Shui' dessert for supper the last night of our stay in KL treat by Steven
Birthday present for my good buddy
Chienz ask me to take this picture because the cartoon is cute~
Nice and Cozy apartment I like!! =D We at one of Chienz friend house..
Spot this design in a Tattoo shop at Sungai Wang.. Patricia =)
Sunway Pyramid shopping mall where I spend alot
Random Pictures from Last Year 2009
we always support Siew.. hehe..

Mr. Bean bun, according to Chienz look like our friend Tze Wei.. haha

Steven trying to cover his face with his small phone at the sametime taking my picture

Took this outside D&P at the mall

Went to Kuala Lurah with Ray, Rue and Kath

Water Bounce!! FUN!!

From Kath

Connie's birthday =D

Kuala Lurah with Jack, Terry and Chienz, later on joined by Terry's cousins

Pink Birthday card from my colleagues~

Cookies from Rue for my birthday

Dinner treat on my Birthday at the Palm Chef Teresa restaurant.. Thanks..

Handmade Birthday card by Sim Yuan, from SY and Chienz.. I like it alot~ ^^

Doreamon- Qin tian wa wa shape

I love Hot Chocolate~ =D

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