Tuesday, October 19, 2010

On 14/10/2010

My birthday.. Thinking back on what happen that day, I do not know whether to laugh or feel sad.. but it's definitely a day for me to remember and share with my children wth.. =D

because it's my birthday! birthday is such a great and special day..for me lol.. a Korean dreamer like me for sure expect something special or surprise from HIM but guess what not even flowers at first.. dudududu~ HE do not know I'm a-super-love-flowers-who-don't-care-its-a-waste-coz-it-dry-out-lady! so note to myself, no more expectation! lalalala~

because HE make the effort and was REALLY LUCKY (don't know GOD help me or help HIM so HE don't ruin my day lol) enough to get me flowers so I forgive HIM.. AND so my day ends simple and nice and full with love.. lol
so.. this is HIM!! lol
my unforgetable birthday ;o)

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