Thursday, October 21, 2010


Wuhuuu yesterday has a nice date 20.10.2010 = 20102010.. lol
What did I do on 20102010..
1. Drag Rue over to Chienz house to try Chienz's handmade lemon cheesecake.. not bad, nice!
2. Me and Chienz perform some concert, sing KTV ofcourse.. coz we have nothing else to do.. lol
3. I spotted a lovely cute pink Minnie mouse! so cuteeeee.. my love for Mickey and Minnie mouse can't be describe and yet Chinez don't allow me to bring it home.. because the cute Minnie mouse belong to her niece.. wth..
so cute laaaaaa
really cute laaaaaa.. lol
The End
P.S: 21.10.2010- If I didn't give up my 9days holiday trip for Rue today will be the day I arrive back from Taiwan.. T.T

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