Thursday, January 02, 2014


Merry Christmas! Christmas has passed and in 4 days time, we will be welcoming the new year 2014..
How was Christmas? Mine was good, although I got drunk and fell asleep at the corner after opening up my Christmas gift from my secret Santa.. Secret Santa shouldn't be disclose right? but my bunch of friends prefer to disclose by making everyone guess their secret Santa and punish for the wrong answer.. and so almost all of us ended up punished and I was on of them.. what's our punishment? 3 shots of pure liquor.. I drank too quickly and so KO-ed..

My Secret Santa is Pei Yong.. she gave me a super cute Hello Kitty pillow and small carpet.. I love it.. and I was Sim Yuan's Secret Santa, below pic of her trying to guess who and luckily she don't know at all that its from me.. haha
Heading to Miri tomorrow for club.. update after: surprisingly it was a relaxing trip instead of the usual rush around.. When me and chien reached Miri, manage to settle abit errand then to the hotel and rest until dinner time.. 
Even after finishing dinner we all head back to hotel and continue to rest before going to celebrities.. the next day, manage to shop Chinese new year clothing for my family and had Laksa for lunch then went to McDonald drive thru for Prosperity burger before driving back Brunei..

Anyway, about Christmas.. after watching 'The Heirs', I want to experience white snowing Christmas.. The drama 'The Heirs' ends with Kim Tan and Eun Sang walking hand in hand in the snow.. romantic~~ haha..
My favorite actor Lee Min Ho played Kim Tan.. a very caring, charming and handsome rich character with a nice name.. KIM TAN.. this drama there is another actor who had my attention.. Kim Woo Bin played the immature and bad boy Choi Young Do.. Young Do fell for Eun Sang who became his first love and he slowly turn mature.. His character at the end is caring and lonely..
My friends comment that Kim Woo Bin is not good looking, but to me, he is not bad looking actually.. I like his modelling photos and his acting skill is actually good, touch my heart when I see his sad eyes for Eun Sang.. hehe.. 'The Heirs' end up being the most popular drama  follows by 'Master Sun' and 'I can hear your voice', both I have watched too.. haha.. I haven't start watching any drama yet, will start soon.. :)

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