Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Two days to CNY

Mr Sun shines the whole day earlier.. thank god for it.. for the past one week it was gloomy sky and rain.. and just now at the balcony, I look up at the night sky and beautiful stars I see.. :)

As the CNY holiday gets closer, few colleagues start going on leave.. Some are selfish, from the same dept yet discussion and compromise for a solution is ignored.. Have they forgotten that their warriors are in fresh state and they have to look into the need to sacrifice during this critical time.. who or where went wrong, I do not know.. I just hope that their fall won't affect my dept.. They choose to leave the problems to others.. Of course we have the choice to left things untouched and let damage happen but what will benefit us by doing so.. Maybe if I were in that situation, I will get selfish too.. but right now, I'm feeling disappointed.. will they appreciate..

Anyway, happy thoughts for now.. Friends are back for the CNY holiday, I'm happy about it.. gathering may be short but its good to meet up good friends.. Two days to go, I have few last minute to do on the list.. rush rush rush.. 2014 its the year of the Horse! Going to be another great year ahead.. Smooth Love, Success, Health, Wealth for me and my family and to all friends..

Just now I was a bright light bulb between Wendy and her hubby Gary.. haha.. because we met up for dinner and went to check out shoes.. Xiang and Joan were suppose to have dinner with us too but at the end they couldn't make it.. that's how I became a light bulb.. haha.. but then it was good to catch up with her again.. Alright.. off to bed now, Happy Advance Chinese New Year!

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