Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Something Flutters

To me dating agency matches two singles together base on their common interest and requirement.. but then I found an interesting one.. I just finished watching drama 'Dating Agency Cyrano', to their clients they are known as 'the place that magically makes your love come true'..

Singles hire Cyrano to help them set up scene, chances to meet up and get closer with the person they want to be with.. Cyrano teach their clients to speaks and express the right way, so that the person they like will notice and fall in love with them.. Kinda like manipulate the minds but in a good way .. Each time its a mission to achieve by the Cyrano member and they never failed once they take up the offer to help their clients..

In reality do this kind of dating agency exist? Oh nono, I don't want to hire them.. haha.. I'm more interested in working there and to help couples fall in love with each other.. Such a wonderful achievement and I get to know alot of love story.. my favorite questions 'how do you know each other? how do you get together?' =D hmmm this might be the job I'm looking for.. haha ;)

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