Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lean On Me

Been advice that it's heartbeat as the sign.. could it be real..

LN Opportunity came, tired looking at the person right infront for the sign.. but there isn't.. could it be the shyness..

Trying to search deep down again if its real.. could it be me being confuse..

Earlier when mention about it, I couldn't say it nor share out.. then I felt the heartbeat after it.. Could it be the cause of being nervous..

and I continue to wonder..

Recently watch WGM Woo Young & Park Se Young couple and came across this nice song 'Lean On Me' by Standing Egg feat Park Se Young.. 

Then I went on YouTube to try listening to more of Standing Egg's songs.. I like it! My kind of style.. haha.. Standing Egg, very interesting name.. I like his voice.. :)

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