Saturday, March 01, 2014

February 2014 trip to Singapore

Last Friday I reached Singapore for a short holiday with the ladies.. We were there for Fab's hens night.. During our free & easy time slot manage to met up with Roger, Louise, Ting Ting, Dickson, Issac and Jee Wei.. good seeing them at their country haha :P
I told myself that I won't shop much BUT ended up spending quite alot! yieks.. bought STUFFS from Innisfree.. I quite like their product from Jeju.. I think it's not because Lee Min Ho is their ambassador.. haha.. oh no.. anyway Imma make sure I wore the clothes and use the bags I brought from the trip haha..
After a tiring night out for dinner at Wine Connection and club at Zouk, the next morning we went to Universal Studio.. o m g, I couldn't feel my legs haha..

I manage to drop by to do 3D eyebrow embroidery.. up till today, I'm in the condition of skin peeling effect.. Kinda worry actually.. fingers crossed.. but confirm this 3D is better than the one I did 2 years ago.. The specialist said my oily forehead condition is causing abit difficulty for them because the colour ain't absorbing well, they told me that I will be back for touch up.. so I think I better keep an eye out for promo air fare to SG..

Finally went to try ramen at Ippudo.. not as good as I expected.. but acceptable.. hehe
Few years ago, I got to know korean singer Hwan Hee from Chien, her idol.. haha.. during CNY I was watching the drama Pretty Man and the song name Fever played.. and instantly I reconsigned Hwan Hee's voice.. I ever listened to a few of his songs when Chien introduce..

Anyway, just to share here since I love this mellow song of his.. Fever

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