Tuesday, March 11, 2014

After knowing the future, you can change to be a better person

**Today is the fourth day that Malaysia airline flight MH370 went missing and everyone is praying for it return. Also today marked the third year since the worst tsunami hit Japan. Praying for everyone to be living safe and well.**

Just finished watching a Korean drama called Marry Him If You Dare aka Mi Rae's Choice. The story is about Mi Rae from the future took the time machine and travel back to prevent her 32 years old from meeting & marrying her future husband, Kim Shin.
The young Mi Rae was told by the future Mi Rae to avoid her first meeting location with Kim Shin and it was successful. Park Se Joo who was suppose to be with Seo Yoo Kyung in the future ended up falling in love with Mi Rae instead. Fate is amazing, Mi Rae still ended up meeting Kim Shin and they both fell for each other. but because the future Mi Rae told her future story to both, so they choose to not to get together. 
Mi Rae was touched that Se Joo was always there for her and so they both got together but later separate because Mi Rae wants to become a better person for Se Joo and if he is willing to wait, they will still have chance getting back together. This made me decide the ending.
I have to decide my own ending because the ending of the drama only shows Mi Rae, Park Se Joo and Kim Shin in the same bookstore only. Yes, that's the end. I read alot of viewers comment online that Mi Rae choose Kim Shin, but I disagree. I still believe its either Mi Rae ended up with Park Se Joo or both also she did not choose. I support Se Joo!! haha

The viewer rating for this drama at Korea wasn't good. I wonder if it's because it was air the same time with The Heirs. Well no doubt if compare this drama with The Heirs, The Heirs is so much better, especially with Lee Min Ho in it. ;)

Only Me - Melody Day. OST of Marry Him If You Dare

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