Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Adam Couple- Jo Kwon and Ga In

I knew about Adam couple from We Got Married show about 2 years ago and already loving the couple alot after watching a few episodes of them.. then I got busy with other stuff so I didn't continue watching.. until last week I started watching back and immediately I'm in love with Adam couple again.. I watch a few couple from WGM but Adam couple feeling is really diffrent for me, their relationship really felt real.. They are shy but yet comfortable and caring for each other.. I don't see the hard effort of them acting cute or sweet in them.. I'm also one of the viewer who wish they will get into a real relationship after leaving WGM show..

Jo Kwon is a real guy in the show! haha.. He is always acting girly so I kinda got confuse if he is actually gay but from the show he isn't, I like watching him alot! especially when he sings, plays the piano, smile, when he show off his muscular body.. I go ga-ga.. haha.. He is such a comedian like Lee Kwang Soo! I then realize the similarities of me liking both Kwang Soo and Jo Kwon, both are super funny guys..

Jo Kwon is from the ballad member 2AM, I already knew and love some of their slow songs before I watch the Adam couple.. Through Adam couple, I got to see alot of Jo Kwon's funny personality hence I became liking 2AM and Kwon more.. haha..

Anyway, their fake marriage ended after 1 year and 3 months together.. they became one of the most famous couple from the show.. and so I finished watching in total episode 59 of the Adam couple ( I really like to hear Jo Kwon sing, he sang so well! I cried watching him sang the song 'Happy Me' to Ga In in the episode 58, I was touched too..
Adam couple forever! love love~~
         the outfit they design for each other as groom and bride for their wedding photo shoot in Bali!


Lyrics of Happy Me

I met you after a few heartbreaks
So maybe that was why our start was so unsure
But getting to know and to love someone
How nice would it be if you were my last?
Like I do…
If you hear my voice, even for a moment in a busy day
Do you also feel like we are together?
Every night, when I return home and if you are there
My stress and pain from the day will melt away in your arms
Love me just like this
If you would never change
You’re the only one that has all of me
I will never waver
You may be unsure in the face of the unknowable future
But never forget that I love you
If it is with you, I will be forever happy
I can always be happy with me

I’m throwing away what the world tells me I should love
My heart is in the same place as yours
I want to be another part of you
For you who are my precious
Love me just like this forever,
As long as you don’t change
You’re the only one that has all of me
I will never waver
Are you feeling unsure in the unknowable future?
You’re no longer alone..never forget
That when I’m with you I am happy
I can do anything and everything
If my life is with you

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