Monday, April 21, 2014

21st April 2014

Only recently from watching an episode of the Adam couple on WGM, when Ga In took the boat ride to Jeju Island from Seoul to meet Jo Kwon, I came to know there's actually a boat ride transport to get to Jeju Island other than by plane.. I took the plane during my trip to Jeju island previously :)

Sadly to know last Wednesday one of the ferry sank while on its way to Jeju with about 300 plus on board the boat all are high school students on field trip from Seoul.. Until today the divers are still on the search for survivor with the boat in capsized and submerge situation.. It was a sad and shocking news.. after the disappearance of MH370 and then now ferry sank.. Prayers go out to all the families and friends..


My laptop been showing some illness since last month.. Actually its still working well, the only problem with the wifi connection not being able to detect my home's router.. Currently I'm using my brother's old laptop, thank god for the spare one as I need to catch up with some dramas comfortable from my room! Got to find time to bring my laptop to check up then.. hopefully just minor issue!


I can't wait for payday!! haha.. Been saving as much as I can for Vietnam's trip.. Hotels and one way flight tickets all settled.. Now left for tours booking and planning for places to visit.. wuhuuu..


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