Thursday, April 03, 2014

Hello April 2014.. Nanta show at Jeju..

Felt the week passed too quick.. Its April already, I have to start focusing to plan for Vietnam trip next month.. I haven't even start watching any drama recently.. Few pending work in the office too.. Next month is Fab's wedding too, we have to think and prepare for morning games.. seems like next month I'm gonna be busy haha.. Fab's wedding, Ivan's wedding and Vietnam trip..

Last weekend I met up with Jenn, Shirley and Chai yu.. It's like 2 years plus or even more since I last saw Chai yu.. College times are fun, I missed it.. Everyone is settling well, even for Nicole, who is currently pregnant with 2nd baby.. and Chai yu and Shirley encourage me to move to Miri haha.. They say it will be easier for me to meet guys and for them to introduce their singles guy friends.. Felt touched and appreciate :) I can consider moving to Miri of course, maybe looking into job from the oil and gas or bank industry.. But Brunei is still home to me.. Wishing I'm a PR status to call Brunei as home..


Few days ago, there's Nanta Show here in Brunei and I only came to know at last minute when the next day is the showing.. I wanted to re-watch ofcourse but missed it out!! arghhh... It's a FREE entrance summore.. Its the same cooking Nanta show which I watched at Jeju, good memories from it because I was picked to go on stage and surprise becoming a fake bride.. I even get to taste the soup they were cooking, taste good actually.. haha.. we all laugh through out the entire show.. their performance was so good, loving it!

                              the wedding costume i wore fell off lol, tats why not shown in the pic..

SoYou & JunggiGo - SOME

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