Monday, July 14, 2014

Congrats Germany!

And so... Germany won the 2014 World Cup!


Its Lee Kwang Soo birthday today! My favorite person from Running Man and giraffe.. totally my type- funny, tall and nice! haha.. Happy Birthday Kwang Soo!

Kwang Soo commercial - SK Tarara in 2013


Just came out from the Empire cinema, first time here after their renovation.. Our seats was row A but Infront of me sat a tall guy and he partically block most of my view.. Lol

Watched Dawn of the planet of Apes.. Nice movie.. Human and connection with Apes.. Suppose Apes living alright but ended up fight and war because of an apes hateness feeling and wanting to revenge.. 

Revenge is a scary feeling and mindset.. Remember to forgive and choose to be at peace.. It's hard but defitnetly takes time.. Revenge won't make life happier.. Forgive and letting go will.. Cheers

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