Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cheese and Sushi

Last night went over to pyong and kwang's house to eat birthday cake. Pyong's birthday... Ade currently holidaying in the US, SY holidaying in the UK, Pying holidaying at HK so that's why only me, Pyong, Chien and Fab in the picture below.. Lol.. 

Anyway, We tried some cheese.. They bought it from their last trip.. Not bad.. I'm a cheese person! Lol.. 

World Cup match earlier at 4am.. Brazil vs Netherlands.. Brazil 4th place.. Netherlands 3rd place.. 

Ended up chatting until very early in the morning... I reached home and slept at 6am... Thank god that it's Sunday today!

And so I woke up around noon today lol.. So thankful for tonight sungkai meal at Misato mahbohai branch and Starbucks drink.. Chien's colleague treat and she ask me to join them.. I'm a happy girl.. 

I know Chien's colleagues also for about 3 years, few I known are not in Brunei already.. Their project is ending and slowly each of them will be leaving Brunei.. Eventhough I only met them during few occasion, to me.. they are funny and nice people.. Like family to Chien :)

Later World Cup final match at 3am.. Germany vs Argentina! Germany! hehe..