Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Good to see old friends who are not frequently in touch with..

Two days holiday straight.. I'm loving it of course.. But tomorrow is back to work.. How do I motivate myself to work? Sighs

Had sungkai dinner earlier at buffelo... Not my liking.. I only like their pasta, salad and mango fish tonight.. 

After that with Ling Zhi and the rest went for a walk to mall.. and I bump into my secondary ex classmate Zawanah.. Been years since I last saw her, still looking pretty and she slim down a lot.. Had small chat and bid goodbye..

At the very exact same place last Friday-
Centrepoint hotel lobby.. I bumped into Joseph bong too.. He is still working as a tour guide.. He suddenly caught my attention by tapping my shoulder.. Turn around and I was surprise to see him haha.. Prolly two years I have not met him.. A friend I knew since my part time days in form 4.. Then coincidentally went to the same college, but he is a year younger junior.. He never fail to make laugh and tease me for being blur.. good old godbrother no.2..

Inside the mall saw good old godbrother no.1 from afar so just wave as greeting.. Ah Choon and his wife to be.. He is getting married this coming November.. He invited me but I'm not too sure if I can attend.. Let's see how~~

p.s, only during part time days I had godbrother.. only 2 of them..

The country enforce a new law that dinning during day time at restaurant are not allowed for the whole month of ramandan period (puasa month).. Hottest issue for this month.. I'm hoping that they will reconsider restructure for non Muslim connivence.. Anyway, new bubble tea in town again.. T4.. Tried their pearl milk tea.. Quite nice.. I still like Ochado better.. 

Omg too sleepy.. Abit worry that I can't wake up on time tomorrow morning.. night!