Thursday, February 26, 2015

You'll be greeted by a different world when you open the door

Sometime I do doubt myself if I have really let go of the past..
Even though it won't simply disappear, my answer is YES.. haha..
I'm looking forward to a new beginning..
There are times when I felt lonely and I wanted to turn back..
Thank God for giving me the strength to hold back and move forward..
I want to feel like the song 'Begin Again'.. 

"Someone says being softhearted is a kind of unfair kindness,
Many people have fed many heartless people with their kindness, 
You think you have done a good job,
But you've no idea no matter how good you are,
You may just be a supporting role in other people's world, 
So you avoid facing the cruelty and let your heart bleed,

The pain will be numb as time passes,
But it won't simply disappear, 
You've to find a way to face it squarely,
And give it a chance to recover.

The world is very small,
You've no idea who you'll meet, 
The world is very big too,
You've no idea who will disappear with a turn of your back,
Actually the only person who is always with you is your awesome self,

When you decide to leave the past in a dark room,
You'll be greeted by a different world when you open the door."

Quoted from the drama 分手快乐- Let It Go, Episode 3. 

Begin Again - Taylor Swift

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