Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I have been busy arranging my room.. Left 7 boxes need to be unpack.. So lazy to unpack all.. I think by next month only I will finish all this unpacking.. hiak hiak.. ^^,

O' well, nothing much happen lately.. I don't have the mood to blog actually..

I want to blog about my feelings but I don't think I can.. =S

I have to think of more secretive ways to blog.. hehe..

I'm still coughing lo.. I think it's because I always forget to take my medicine.. yieks.. no one remind me to eat bah.. =p

I bought a standing lamp yesterday.. Loving it..!! hehe.. I put it by my bed.. It's RED-PINK.. LOVELY.. hehe.. I left work early yesterday and went to First emporium to buy bulbs for my new lamp, as I was about to left the store a doraemon caught my attention.. Not any ordinary doraemon.. It's a Qin tian wa wa - doraemon version.. CUTE.. I didn't expect I will see something like that.. haha..

Okkkkk got to go get ready for work.. Sien.. I don't want to work.. =S and I just notice I have a box of shoes needs to be unpack badly.. *off to clear that box* Have a nice day people...!! =)

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