Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day 2009

It's Father Day's~~ Went for breakfast at Lucky Resto with my family.. Food wasn't that tasty today.. tsk tsk..

I log in blogger.. and I have alot of post in drafts status.. drafts for the past few days.. I don't know why.. I don't have the mood to blog.. My Internet connection has been working for weeks actually.. hehe..

Everynight I wanted to blog but I end up falling asleep before I start typing.. hehe.. I guess I'm too tired from work.. at the same time wasn't feeling well too.. I keep forgetting taking my cough medicine.. =S Thank God I'm much better already..

*sighs* I have other things on my mind too.. I reach home hmmm... early this morning *ehem ehem* and I just couldn't sleep well.. It's almost noon now...!! I need to force myself to sleep.. atleast get some sleep, tonight have function le.. *sighs* I'm going to look like panda tonight.. =S

I was shock to see my Pr.6 photo actually been post up on facebook by Ady Merlina.. haha. I only remember her name when I saw on FB..

*click* can you spot me? hehe.. wow.. I didn't realise I manage to stay in touch with 11 of my ex-classmate..

I can't help smiling looking at the class photo.. I didn't even realise half of them are active on FB and currently in Brunei..!! *sighs* we all changed and we are getting OLD.. haha..

Last night.. Went to Kim's house.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM!!
Then attend Jia Kang & Choong's B-day party with Wendy..

Fights and arguments sometime do occur between drunkies.. Why can't drunkie puke and sleep instead of making trouble.. Luckily I'm like a death log when I'm drunk..

I think I will sleep better now.. My smile just appear.. ^^ OK.. I want to blog more.. but it's noon I really need to sleep.. Good day all..!! =)

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Rueburn Liang said...

ooo nice pic~~ still looking good =D