Monday, June 01, 2009

June 2009 - Yesterday and Today

June has arrive..~~

This month I'm going to start my sales visit alone..

Today is holiday, tomorrow is work.. I want holiday.. I don't want to work..!!! hehe..

Today is Ching birthday.. Happy Birthday Ching..!!

Today I woke up late, ate lunch at Excapade, online at Funbread, disturb Rueburn who is going to have his exam tomorrow *HAHA*, disturb chien for awhile because she busy with her study, for the first time chat so much with SY, listen to P.sing's talk about her hair, went to look for more stuff for the new house..

OKOK.. I don't know what to blog about bah.. I need to type something if not my readers will say I did not update.. haha.. AND I know what I have do today must be boring right, will I don't feel boring at all.. haha.. How I wish I can online whole day.. I just found that I can't live without Internet connection.. wth.. =p

See without connection I have to blog so long like my post below.. haha.. =p

I don't want my holiday to end..!!

* * * * *

Yesterday.. I slept at 8 am after sending my brother to work.. yea morning.. I saw pretty misty sky.. =)

Yesterday.. I went Swimming with Elaine.. Thanks for accompany me babe.. I miss swimming with SY and Chu.. Actually I miss how they leave me in the middle of the deep deep water feeling helpless, forcing me to float.. which actually work.. haha.. I still need to practice la.. =p

Yesterday.. After Swimming went to McDonald for fries and ice-cream.. wth =S

Yesterday.. After McD, we went shopping at The Mall.. And I bought SHOE.. We both actually stop ourselves from spending, but ends up the shoe look so good on us that we bought the same pair and left the shop happy.. I love my new shoe ALOT.. haha..

Yesterday.. After shopping, Joan&Daniel call for a short tea, so I went for tea..

Yesterday.. After a nice ice-blended vanilla drink, I went off for dinner with Wen Yi and her friends at Shabu-Shabu..

Yesterday.. After dinner follow Wen Yi and the rest to Cue-X snooker again.. Saw Dao ming and I was filled with alot of updates.. hehe..

Yesterday.. After Cue-X I went to the Arch, because I didn't want to go home yet..

Yesterday.. I look after a drunk pig..

Today.. I wonder why sometime things can be simple but it can ends up being complicated too.. I shall keep Elaine words in my mind, don't think too much and let things flow naturally..


Rueburn Liang said...

thanks for the constant annoying nudging when im trying to study in the library >_<" hahahaha!!! what a friend you are =P

Patricia said...

@Rueburn: HAHA..!! you are WELCOME...!! =p

Rueburn Liang said...

time to update newspaper liau! my other 2 newspaper not active -_-" need some entertainment during my break time =D

Patricia said...

@Rueburn: so fast ask me to update liao.. sien lo.. go bug the other 2 inactive newspaper.. hehe.. and I thought your entertaiment is FB only.. =p