Monday, June 01, 2009



I spend my Saturday night with my family.. Hmm.. well, actually not the whole night with my family.. haha..

So yesterday after our move-house thing, I didn't want to disappoint my mum since she is in a very good mood.. At last minute before the clock strike 5pm I decide to accompany her shopping instead..

The moving house thing is really troublesome and tiring..!! I'm glad that it has end but there are more to do still.. like UNPACKING.. sighs.. Spend time packing, ends up unpacking also.. See moving house is really troublesome.. =S

But atleast now my family and I don't have to get panic when it starts to rain heavily..

The youngest Prince.. My spoil brother will be starting his college next month.. Which is like next week.. Need to bring him to arrange his studies stuff next week too.. His studies isn't well, so I hope he really put effort at improving himself..

After shopping with my mum, I went for tea session with Wen Yi and her friends.. Since I cancel my trip to Miri - invited by SY and P.sing.. =) "Sorry babes, I will go again soon ok.." And Chien is sick and busy with her study.. Joseph put me aeroplane.. I'm all alone.. *start to sing.. 'All by myself............'* haha.. =p Joke joke..

And so back to my tea session topic.. There is this guy who I newly introduce to, last night randomly said to me.. "I think I seen you somewhere before.. you are on FB right? your surname is **** right? Oh.. you are that Patricia..!!"

I stare at him with my eyes wide open and nod my head feeling blur blur.. "Yup yup, I'm that Patricia on FB.. Do I look different from my pictures?" and we both just laughed.. So awkward yet funny.. =p

After tea I end up following them to Cue-X snooker and they play, me there steal their Wi-Fi, which I have said on my post below.. haha.. I saw alot of other friends there, who I have not see for quite awhile.. One of them is Choon, when we saw each other we just start talking and talking.. We had so much to say to each other.. I didn't except to bump into him there.. =p

Then after I'm done talking to choon and stealing the Wi-Fi.. I continue talking but with Lun.. haha.. According to Lun, after knowing me, he then understand why alot of people say I'm a good and nice.. *wuuuuuu~~~~ I'm always good and nice one la.. ehem ehem.. haha.. ^^*

Have you ever felt..

That just by seeing that particular person and you will just smile..

Smile without any reason..

The feeling is just simple..

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