Thursday, January 14, 2010

I have recover~

I kinda lost my motivation to blog.. not to worry, I shall be getting it back.. soon I hope..

I'm surprise to know that my blog is being read by quite a few people out there who I'm not close to, or who I do not know at all.. It's uncomfortable for me to know some people who I never expect, to read my blog.. should I be proud about it? I don't know, I kinda feel weird.. but no complains though.. because I choose to open my blog to public..

Something happen last week, which make me experience and believe what he told me about Our personality is really kinda similiar.. I didn't really believe it at first, but the way she wants to understand the situation before she make any further decision calmly.. reminded me of myself.. and I remembered that's what I did too to Nicholas's case back in college.. =)

I got to admit, when our story happen in 2008 I have my reason to back off.. and I'm grateful that when our story re-happen unexpectedly in 2009, we still ends up going no where, nothing.. and I'm glad things turns out this way, I made the right choice before and now I still believe I did.. Everything happen for a reason.. =)

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