Friday, January 29, 2010


Friday already.. I have a wedding dinner to attend tomorrow at Miri.. gosh.. It's like half of my female college mates are married!! I wonder who is next~

What a nothing-so-interesting day today.. I had quick lunch just now with Ray, Jolin, Kel, Zhe mei and Gina nearby my office area.. We had vegetarian food.. =)
And still the same, I have alot of work............ and 1/2/2010.. Starting of our department plan.. 100% overload with work.. I can just feel my nightmare is about to start soon..

Anyway I like Gina's quote in her FB~

*the road ahead might be tough and it might get bumpy with unforeseen circumstances. but when u know u have someone walking it with u, u'd know everything's gonna be alright*

I was playing this game on FB yesterday.. WTH! Tommy Chai..!! Shirley dear please don't kill me, it's FB fault.. The game is stupid.. lol..

**"Are you happy?"

**Not yet =)

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