Saturday, January 23, 2010

Emblem Night

I'm currently at napz fo (LIH PING) company's annual dinner at The Empire Grand Hall with pretty hairdo and fake eyelashes on.. I manage to success at putting on my fake eyelashes!! eventhough not perfect but I did it.. so proud of myself.. *beaming* LOL! It's really grand here, each of the staff are allowed to bring a partner..

Lih Ping's boss hire a DJ for an hour plus and now most of them are on the dance floor dancing away.. Me? blogging away.. LOL.. well I wanted to join them ofcourse but the songs the DJ spin are trance~ I don't have the mood to dance with trance.. hopefully he play abit of R&B later..

Anyway, performance by their own staff is quite good.. the food isn't that good.. but still acceptable.. The atmosphere GOOD! the place GOOD! the grand hall is BIG with two huge projector which show the far away stage GOOD! I wonder if any vacancy available for me to apply.. *wink* =P

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