Sunday, January 03, 2010


Bits and pieces to share.. =D

There's a day the company's team building story was publish in The Brunei Times..

have a close up look people.. do you spot me?? lol.. =P

There's a day I went window shopping~ for sofa..

There's a day I send my brother to Miri Airport..

There's a say I drop by Bintang Mall for dinner.. and found the new parking card in good quality.. HARD CARD TYPE YO.. and couldn't resist to take a picture of it..

There's a day I first tried out food from Marrybrown, Miri.. I ain't happy about the fries.. BUT..

I was happy I saw there are tables with swings! (sadly two tables with swings only) I wait patiently for one to be available.. and immediately ask my youngest brother to rush over and occupy before other kids or mothers there.. wuhuuuu we won, feel so proud~ wth.. =P

There's a day I was introduce to Durian puff by Ji mui.. damn NICE! available at Parkson, Miri guys, somewhere around sushi king and secret recipe..

There's a day I follow friends to join a good company's annual dinner.. what an experience~ new people there.. lols..

Then there's a day I went to Gary's house for a slow and chill countdown to the new year 2010.. We sang butttttt I didn't get the chance to sing.. too many pro singer around.. lol..

We celebrated Gary's birthday at the same time and make him drunk.. Mission almost accomplish, that's Gary being half drunk with the hood.. wuhuuu.. =P


Simple❤Nice❤Me said...

wow great.. i saw u in newspaper =D

Ray said...

Did u go to SOPAN ENTERPRISE to look for your sofa?? HMMM?? haha

Rueburn Liang said...