Thursday, January 14, 2010


Sooooo angry at work today!! some people just isn't responsible enough to handle their work.. can't solve then pass over to me to settle?? and turns out the client puts his anger at me like that?? walauuuu... the client scold people like shit le.. and I have to cover and solve it.. DAMN.. AND THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME PROBLEM FROM OTHER DEPARTMENT PASS OVER TO ME TO SOLVE.. SO PISSED!! AAARRGGGHHH...

Anyway.. it's settle now, and I'm feeling much better.. but still DAMN.. make me angry.. make me EMO..

NVM, I can't wait to de-stress.. I'm flying off tomorrow! to Kuala Lumpur with Chienz! yeaaaa.. I can't wait to enjoy my holiday.. stupid work.. always give me headache only.. EEEeeee.. *take deep breath* oh well, I'm so looking forward to my trip.. It's nowhere special, but I'm happy as long as I'm out of Brunei.. =D I hope this time my KL trip will be happier than last year.. Last year I was trying so hard to cheer myself up due to some circumstance.. namely R?? LOL.. =P

Anyway again, I'm flying tomorrow! cheers! =)

**It's been raining the whole day.. plus yesterday.. scary.. plsssss no floods! =/

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