Tuesday, March 02, 2010


I got a feeling..

That today won't be a good day at work.. aiyaaaaa =/

When other or our own department couldn't handle project/job properly, and cause problems not once but twice, again and again, we lose the business.. there goes our hard work sales~

I will be leaving for Miri after work today.. Tomorrow it's my dear JITA's wedding day.. huhuuuu!! Tonight, Tomorrow, The next day will be very tiring for me.. pray pray no panda eyes.. hehe.. Anyway, congrats to Jita and Melvin!! =)

Yesterday I received another wedding invitation from Wendy and Darren, the couple are getting married this year 10/10/2010!!!! What a good news.. Congrats to them! but I can't attend their big day.. too bad.. I now have three couple friends who are going to tie the knot on the same day 10/10/2010.. It's a very popular date! I wonder who else on this date.. =)


Anonymous said...

babe.. 10/10/2010.. im celebrating my anniversary, as one of the guest of honor, u would definitely show up rite??? RITE????? hahahahhahaa....

Patricia said...

@Jenn: >_< please la, celebrate your first year anniversary with leon!! don't invlove us please.. spare me for feeling guilty please.. LOL.. =P