Thursday, June 10, 2010

I love Bibimbap

Good Morning people!

I had Bibimbap and Kimchi Stew for dinner last night.. sighs.. SO FULL!! Feel like my food not digest yet during my sleep, because I still feel full and bloated now.. =S

And I feel like a fat pig now, I fell asleep with a full stomach! Thank God I didn't have nightmare.. hehe.. Sighs what a big pot of Bibimbap I ate.. I love Bibimbap~ I remember the first time I had it was with Thomas.. Thomas ordered and mix it for me, he was one of my few friends I know who love Korean food other than Clemence.. And now I found another dear friend who love Korean food too, Ms. Chienz! Both of us are very crazy for Korean thingy.. =P

The other day Allen came up from Seria for work purpose and we met up for dinner at Jade Crystal Cafe, which is next to my office.. According to him, the Ayam Penyet he ate is super good.. And I can't wait to had it next time I go over to Jade Crystal.. hehe..
Ever try this Breakfast Multigrain Bars? When I first saw it, my first impression was "Eeeee this doesn't look tasty~" Who knows once I ate it, it was surprisingly good! =D


Sy said...

yes the ayam penyet is super good there.
u can try chicken stew too.. nice oso.. :)
how i wish my office is at madang. LOL.

Patricia said...

@SY: Now I remembered, we actually wanted to go there for dinner to have ayam penyet but ends up we all went to Kevin Resto at Bandar! hehe.. bah open another office branch here in Madang.. lol