Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's the day


Yesterday in the morning my head was filled with doubts..
I don't know why did I get all emo, I tell Jenn maybe it's the soon pms hormone acting up.. haha..

Well, maybe God heard me and gave me the chance to answer YES.. And from then most of my doubts were answered and the feeling 'hope' returns.. =) Well.. I'm still scare of hurt and I'm not sure too if those words can be trust.. haha.. But this is what I choose and I hope my fragile heart will be handle with lots of special care and love.. =)


Anonymous said...

mmmm... try not to blame it on the PMS every single time, can or not?? haha..

Patricia said...

@Jenn: WILL TRY.. lol.. muaks muaks! =)